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Mobile wholesale orders direct from the shop floor

Being on the road is tough, particularly when your product lines are in the thousands and your sales reps are on the road. It’s a challenge keeping your sales force fully mobile, yet up to date with latest pricing, product imagery (not to mention the printing costs). Then there’s the challenge of keeping track of those customer orders…

These were the challenges Baby First asked Zeevo’s team to solve. And solve it they did with the integration of Zeevo's own SalesTab app, the Baby First website, and their in-house InTech inventory management solution.

A single tablet app combined their product catalogue and imagery, price lists and ordering process into one seamless product.

Customers are now able to be shown the Baby First product line in a slick interface with full screen imagery. Product information is linked in with inventory control systems meaning more relevant sales information and less work for head office. Orders can be sent through to the warehouse floor instantly for meaning customers get orders fulfilled faster and nothing’s lost on a scrap of paper.

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